The Destrier Space Superiority Fighter

The V-Series Destrier is not only the first of its kind, it is the most sophisticated vacuum-based fighter craft the people of Earth have ever developed. It stands as a menacing first line of defense against K’luran incursion.
declassified 3788 days ago
The Longship Orbiter

The Longship orbiter was conceptualized by Out of this World Tours (OWT) in 1997, then developed at an undisclosed location between 1999 and 2013. The U.S. Government later assumed ownership of the company—and more importantly, the Longship—as a means of deploying ODC personnel to orbit.
declassified 3757 days ago
The Orbital Defense Base

Although the development of the Destrier has garnered a great deal of media attention in recent months, the establishment of four semi-permanent military outposts in geostationary orbit above the U.S. mainland was an equally crucial step towards the fulfilling of the Gryphens’ mandate.
declassified 3725 days ago
The Nereus Mobile Launch System

There is little reason for the U.S. Government to continue issuing denials about the existence of the Nereus mobile launch system. The Nereus program was established in the late 1980s to give the United States the ability to launch new spy satellites from clandestine locations, thus evading the notice of enemy eyes already in orbit.
declassified 3694 days ago

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