All content on this website ("the Site") is fictitious, as described below, except what appears on the disclaimer, terms of service, privacy policy, and copyright policy pages.

The Site is designed as if it existed within a fictional universe created by author R.L. Akers for the novel Prometheus Rebound. It is intended for entertainment purposes only, as a "transmedia" tie-in, in order to enhance the storytelling experience.

The Orbital Defense Corps

The organization referred to as "the Orbital Defense Corps" on the Site does not exist as described on the Site (i.e. it does not exist as an official branch of the United States military as of this writing). However, the real-world legal entity known as the Orbital Defense Corps, LLC ("the ODC") does exist, and it is this entity that owns the copyright and all other applicable rights to Prometheus Rebound and Prometheus Revealed, along with the copyright to all original content on the Site (see the copyright policy for more information).

Fictitious References

Names, characters, institutions, establishments, places, events, and incidents described on the Site are the product of author R.L. Akers’ imagination and/or are used fictitiously. Events or situations described on the Site with reference to real locations, institutions, establishments, and/or actual living persons are historical, merely coincidental, and/or fictionalized with the intent to provide the reader with a sense of reality and authenticity. While R.L. Akers himself is referenced on the Site, that reference is itself made fictitiously, in the form of a self-effacing cameo appearance within his own fictional universe.

Stock Photography Models

The persons shown in photographs on this website are stock photography models and are not affiliated with the ODC, the ODC's direct and indirect parent companies, subsidiaries, or subsidiaries of its parent companies (“Affiliates”). Use of such model images by the ODC and/or its Affiliates is pursuant to license from their respective owners and/or copyright administrators. The ODC and its Affiliates acknowledge that no model depicted on or in any ODC or Affiliate website or printed material uses or personally endorses any business, product, service, cause, association, or other endeavour of ODC or its Affiliates and all uses of model images are for illustrative purposes only.

Merchandise for Sale

Certain items listed as "For Sale" from the Merchandise section of the Site are, in fact, real, while other items listed as "Sold Out" may never have existed or been available for sale in reality. Only real merchandise available for sale and fulfillment will be available for actual purchase.

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